5 Hidden Gems of 2014

Author: Jake McGloin   JakeMugShot

So long 2014, it’s time to reflect on the great year we had in music, shocking comebacks in the form of Nirvana and The Libertines, T-Swift taking over the world and the drop of some massive albums. The highest sellers of the last year have been published featuring big names clogging up the top ten with Ed Sheeran taking the number 1 spot. But what about the albums that are way off this list? Here are the best albums of the year you might not have heard…


Horsebeach – Horsebeach (Manchester, United Kingdom):

The Manchester bands debut record really is a work of art. If you’re active in the Manchester music scene, or haven’t been living under a rock this year you’ll know about Horsebeach. Ryan Kennedys brain child is dredged with guitar riffs Johnny Marr himself would be jealous of, topped off with surfy vibes and dreamy melodies.

Check out ‘What Problem’:


Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All (Philadelphia, USA):

In February underground heavy weights of a genre no one seems to be able to put their finger on released something amazing. Modern Baseballs second album seems to be the mutant offspring of British Indie Rock and American Emo, giving birth to a record built of witty lyrics and body controlling riffs from start to finish.

Watch “Your Graduation”:

Taffy – Plus +++ (Tokyo, Japan):

Japanese Garage Rock! I don’t feel there needs to be much more said, but Taffy’s ‘Plus +++’ might be a clocention of B-sides equal to any album. A nostalgic mash up of Grunge and Brit-Pop that will make you want to stand still and sway your arms from side to side.

You can here Theron from the album here:

#1 Dads – About Face (Melbourne, Australia)

This is the bit on the side of Tom Iansek of Big Scary’s. Really it’s like cheating with a super model, if you’re gonna do it, do it right. And Tom most certainly has, this is a beautifully crafted album that seems much more personal than his work with Big Scary. Meolodic and heart breaking this is an emotional rollercoaster well worth riding.

Check out Camberwell:

Alvvays- Alvvays (Toronto, Canada)

It’s not been a bad year for jangely guitar pop and Toronto’s Alvvays top the pile for me with their beautiful debut album. Lovely vocals and what can only be described as romantic guitar riffs definitely make it one of under rated albums of 2014.

Listen to “Archie, Marry Me”: