5 Rock Acts Killing It Right Now

Author: Jake McGloin

It’s an exciting time for Rock music, after taking up a huge chunk of music sales last year (29% of total consumption stateside anyway) it became more listened to then Pop in 2014 according to figures from Music Business Worldwide. Becks recent Grammy win, only made controversial by Kanye’s antics, as well as Britt Award nods for Jack White and Royal Blood, who’s fan base seem to grow by the day, seems to imply Rock Music could be back on top. Here’s 5 Rock Acts You Need To Hear:

Demob Happy safe_image.php

Demob Happy (Brighton – England)

Combining destructive guitars and pounding rhythms that seem to channel the soul of Nirvana circa Bleach, It’s pure thrash at it’s finest. Seeping with angst and anticipation for the future, Demob are renowned for their energetic live shows so catch them as they head out on the road through March and April.

Check Out “Suffer You”:

Tricot (Koyoto – Japan)

Japanese girl band Tricot create complex, but familiar rock music. The three-piece take their influence from other seminal Japanese rockers Number Girl and Acidman. With their second outing on the way, and a successful set supporting rock gods Pixies at last years Eden Sessions, Tricot are proving rock is still alive and well in Japan.

Jesper Munk (Munich – Germany)

This former street musician is preparing to release his second album to the world after a successful debut that, at it’s core, was steeped in blues riffs and pure rock & roll. Don’t expect anything different from his next outing, “CLAIM”.

Pile (Boston – USA)

Boston’s Pile pound out awesome rock tunes by the bucket load. Their upcoming album, “You’re Better Than This”, released March 3rd, already has a lot of people excited, and rightly so. It looks to be filled with tension and riffs so sophisticatedly slick they should teach classes on it. These unsung post-hardcore heroes are on the road tearing up the States right up until May.

Findlay (Manchester – England) 

Natalie Findlay has been Manchester’s golden girl for years now, even after a move to London, but we always remember our own so much so that Mancunian juggernauts The Courteeners took her on tour with them. Findlay blasts out chug heavy, hard-hitting rock & roll with ice cold vocals that make Karen O look squeaky clean.

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