Five Acts Leading The Australian Invasion

Author: Jake McGloin

The Australian invasion is coming but stay calm! It’s an exciting time to be an artist down under with the like’s of Iggy Azalea and Gotye storming the charts in the U.K. and U.S. and bands like Tame Impala stamping their name on our indie and rock scene over the past year or so, we’re getting a taste for the Australian sound. But it’s just the start, these big guns are just testing the water for the Indie and Rap artists getting ready to make the big push. So there’s no doubt that it wont be long before the Aussies are all over our air waves, but in the meantime here are five acts proving Australian music isn’t just the didgeridoo, soap actors and bearded men with poor moral judgement.



Jangley Melbourne Indie outfit Twerps unveiled their second album Rage Anxiety this year. There’s melody driven pop in every breath of these songs, filled with beautiful guitars Twerps music sounds sun soaked, just what we need in miserable old Blighty.


It’d be easy to draw comparisons between Baro and American acts like Frank Oceans, if not only for the smooth electronic tracks he raps to. But one of Australia’s brightest Hip-Hop prospects, he’s still in his teens, has his own brand of hazed rap that dazzles and leaves you wondering just how much potential this kid could actually have.

Sunbeam Sound Machine

Nick Sowersby’s project, Sunbeam Sound Machine, is a beautiful lo-fi, drone pop dream. Immersed it in noise and hiss only brings out the best in Sowerby’s song writing. His debut album is a pool of magnificent reverb that leaves you hooked on this bone-raw music.

Ecca Vandal

Her debut single ‘White Flag’ seems to demand your attention, and refuse to be forced into a genre. All arrows seem to point to this lady breaking musical boundary’s as long as she’s going. Ecca Vandal is as exciting as she is cool and things are just going to get cooler from here.

The Jungle Giants

Indie Pop at it’s finest, The Jungle Giants sound brings out fun beats and perfect melodies to create a sincere and fun sound unrivaled in the bands over here in the U.K. right now but feels like an expansion the Indie boom we had in the noughties to it’s full potential.

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