5 Reunions To Look Forward To In 2015

Author: Thomas Durkan

Over the past few years we’ve all been treated to numerous combacks/reunions in the music world. From Led Zeppelin to S Club 7 and pretty much everything in between, it’s been a tour de force of nostalgia that everyone can enjoy. Some would argue that the motivational pull of money was probably the deciding factor in most of the bands getting back together, specifically looking at you Ian Brown. And not quite all of them were spectacular. But whilst there are still fans queuing up for tickets, old bands will continue to reunite. Here are 5 we could be treated to in 2015.



Is the world ready for more Courtney Love and Co? That’s yet to be seen. But as recently as September of last year Miss Love has given interviews stating that we could be seeing her take the stage again in 2015. But unlike the 2010 incarnation of Hole, this time she could be bringing back the line-up that created the hugely successful ‘Celebrity Skin’ album. Whilst usually controversial, Hole were hugely successful in the 1990’s and a reunion would definitely be worth the price of admission.

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Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac have been touring together regularly over the last few years. However, their tour confirmed for this year has one defining feature, the return of Christine McVie. This will be the first time the band has toured using the line up from albums such as ‘Rumours’ and ‘Tusk’ since McVie retired from touring in 1998. Their UK tour sold out in minutes and the headlining show at the Isle of White festival promises to be excellent.

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Following on from releases by bands like The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, British music was on a high. This opened the door for acts like Ride to take centre stage. They are remembered fondly for their first album ‘Nowhere’ and lead single ‘Vapour Trail’, both of which are featured on certain best of the 1990’s lists. Expect effects pedals, melancholy and explosive drums. Catch them on their European tour or their headlining slot at Field Day festival this summer.

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The Faces

There has been talk for years about an imminent Faces reunion. Constantly teasing, Rod Stewart has stated on numerous occasions that he would indulge the idea. The plans were apparently set in place for the original line up to get together in 2015, after Ronnie Wood had finished up with the Rolling Stones, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their break up. However all plans were put on hold after the death of keyboardist Ian McLagan in December 2014. Could we still be in for a reunion? It’s all yet to be seen, but hopefully they’ll leave Mick Hucknall at home if they do.

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The Kinks

Now this is a big one. The legendary Kinks will get together in 2015 for the first time in 19 years to tour and record a new album. Whilst it is yet to be seen whether or not Dave Davies will be apart of the group, considering the fact that his relationship with brother Ray makes the Gallaghers look like best friends, Ray has confirmed that the tour will go ahead regardless. The tour is yet to be announced but is expected at some point. So stay tuned.

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