5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (20/04/15)

Hear are the five tracks we can’t stop listening to this week, and we thing you need to hear! Got something you need we need to hear? Email us at shopliftersuni@gmail.com or get in touch through our Facebook and Twitter.

Kevin Rotherham – New York Love

Working on his new music in New York has really rubbed off on Kevin Rotherham’s sound; the first single from his up coming EP is the aptly named ‘New York Love’. It’s a tune that radiates cool, starting softly with tinny guitar stabs as more layers ease into the track. Lead by Kevin’s big rock vocal that track comes to life before your ears into an Indie floor filler. Riddle with small nods to act’s from the big apple, a beat that’d feel at home on a strokes single and a Television guitar tone, New York love is an exciting glimpse into an artist on the verge of mastering his craft. The track’s released Monday (20/04/15) and free from Kevin Rotherham’s Soundcloud on the day of release.

Liam McClair – Honest

Manchester’s Liam McClair’s stunning acoustic pop single ‘Honest’ is an emotionally charged work that draws in ears and hearts a like. Feel good pop at it’s finest, McClairs vocal grows through out building like timbre around him in this folk pop master class that’s packed with heart.

Gengahr – Heroine

Addictive Indie pop hooks lead the line in the North London bands latest track, Heroine echo’s a 90’s feel in parts (surely I can’t be the only one who hears the nirvana riff?) with big guitars and bigger beats leading them into a huge summer accompanying The Stokes and The Maccabees. Gengahr are a band that can do no wrong write now and Heroine is just further proof of that.


Their debut EP, Sea of Skies is a magical mystery tour of dark dream pop with splashes of Wild Bests and Radiohead in parts the EP takes a ride through beautifully strange emotions and the opener Sea of Trees if a perfect example of how have blended the electronic and acoustic ways of doing things together to create beautiful melody.

Heartless Bastards – Gates of Dawn

The latest effort from Austin’s Heartless Bastards starts like any 90’s alt rock big single and then explodes into a world of folk rock goodness. It’s a song that sounds like a new take on familiar songs but their ever so unique brand of rock and roll ensures it’s far from tedious repeats. The single brings in factors that span genres stadium rock riffs, world drumbeats and folk bones holding it all together. Gates of Dawn is an exciting taster of what to expect when their album ‘Restless Ones’ hit’s us on June 15th.