5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (27/04/15)

Here are the five tracks we’ve loved over the past week and you need to hear. Got something you think we need to hear? Email us at shopliftersuni@gmail.com and keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter.

Landmarks – 40mg

The Manchester Pop Punk band return for their new upcoming EP ‘Fighting Gravity’ released on ‘Ship Records’. 40mg is a huge pop tune that fires beautifully crafted melody straight to the heart. The big drums and guitar riffs hold subtle nods to American emo bands like Taking Back Sunday, while still showing us really what the British pop punk scene is all about.

Fabric – Jungle

We wrote a piece on what’s happening in the Irish music scene not to long ago and can’t believe we missed this. Derry two-piece Fabric’s debut single ‘Jungle’ is a modern post-punk master class; imagine early Joy Division with added cowbell. Rock solid beat and a steady bass from Lorcan Hamilton and Ruairi Coyle with beautiful tremoring ambiance, it’s bloody exciting.

Theo Altieri – Little Fun

Its up bead Indie pop at it’s finest from the 18-year-old singer from Swindon, crowned best unsigned male artist by amazing radio. His hook heavy track Little Fun feels like a ten-year-old classic giving off definite vibes of Beck meets Groove Armada. It’s a brilliant pop tune, getting you ready for summer, catch it when it drops in June.


Nathan Ball – Alone

Beautiful Alt-Folk vibes that flow through your ears in a dream like state, it’s a heavenly sound coming from 24-year-old Nathan Ball. Alone is a heart breaking work that speaks straight to the soul, open about his love of the sea Nathan’s songs feel like waves washing over you.

Best Coast – Feeling Ok

Being the modern pinnacle of dreamy surf vibes is a lot of pressure, but not for L.A.’s finest rock duo. Feeling Ok is everything you’d expect from a Best Coast track; simple hooks, hypnotic sounds and drearily magnificent vocals. It’s a warm fuzzy lesson in surf pop from the perfect summer band.