Introducing: False Advertising

Manchester Alt Kids False Advertising Are Making Big Waves And Even Bigger Noise

FA CAYV1i7UsAAkFBN.jpg_large There seems to be a buzz around Manchester again. It happens every five years or so since the factory days but this time, it feels like the real deal. With acts like Horsebeach, Blossoms and M O N E Y making waves across the U.K and beyond, mancunian fuzz maestros False Advertising can’t be far behind.

Steeped in 90’s vibes, the Manchester three piece bleed an overwhelming air of cool that carries through their music. Wasting Away is a beat heavy power house that’s dripping in fuzz guitars with vocals delivered ever so coolly by co front person Jen Hingley that makes the fact this band are still in their primal years scarily exciting.

Chris Warr takes over vocal duty on the slick as fuck ‘I Don’t Know’. With the guitar riffs somewhere between Joey Santiago and Nirvana circa bleach, it’s a noise-pop master class. The bands rounded off with Josh Seller’s destructive bass sounds pumping through out.

False Advertising only have a handful of shows under their belt, and just a couple of songs on their SoundCloud page, but there’s a real energy around this band and it’s no wonder why. It’s a perfect blend of nostalgic sounds and a band that are right at the point of mastering their craft really early on. The band’s finished work on the album and there’s an announcement coming soon so, we’ll have to wait for that one, but in the mean time they have a few shows coming up that aren’t to be missed.

False Advertising are exciting an old sound with modern vibes, it’s cool and well crafted, and if this is the start then holy shit, what’s next?

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