5 Albums That Shaped Me – Little Racer

Our favorite New York surf rockers ‘Little Racer’ give us the five albums that have shaped their career so far.

Little Racer unnamedLittle Racer give us an in-depth look at the albums that made them the band they are. One of New York’s finest rock bands take us through how some of their favorite albums influenced and shaped the. Catch Little Racer at their record-release show at Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY 7/17.

Weezer | ​The Blue Album

Sometimes it’s hard to gauge an albums greatness when it’s first released. Staying power and classic status need time to be revealed. Will those hooks still get you ten years later? 20? So many albums fall from favor over time, but this is an album I knew the moment I first heard it that it was something I needed. It was geeks kicking ass, getting the hot girl and weirding out the jocks, and it’s as catchy and powerful as pop as ever been – ­ Elliot

Broken Social Scene | ​You Forgot It In People

What a record. I could ramble on about production, diverse songwriting, and artistry for days, but I won’t. Instead I’ll tell you how this album transformed my friends van (had the best sound) into a place where new sounds and genres were being invented, and there were no limits to creativity. I can recall Kid A changing my ear in the same way, but with less human connection. On You Forgot It In People, I could feel all 12+ band members breathing life into the material, and with Newfeld’s masterful hand at the production wheel it all blended together to create an experience that won’t be repeated for me. Who knows if I heard it for the first time today if it would strike with the same impact, but I do know that the experience this album gave me is one that I would like to give to a younger generation – ­ Elliot

Belle and Sebastian | ​If You’re Feeling Sinister

I heard this record six years after it was made because the coolest girl at my high school played it for me. I had developed a very obvious crush on her, and she finally asked me to help her take some of her larger art pieces home. At her house she suggests we get ice cream and so she needs to change into a sundress. She puts this record on while i wait. It could be that it was the perfect soundtrack to having a high school crush, or that i had never really heard this side of indie rock before, but If You’re Feeling Sinister is what i want the rest of my life to sound like – ­ Ish

Oasis | ​(What’s The Story) Morning Glory

1996 was a great year for music ­ pop, grunge, r&b ­ but Oasis was the band that just blew me away. It was right around the time I was really discovering music on my own. The volume and power and shear attitude of this record against everything else that was popular at the time completely molded my idea of what music could be and the transformational power it can hold. Standing in front of a mirror pretending to be Noel on guitar, sauntering around my bedroom & striking Liam’s signature pose, belting out Morning Glory. I find myself coming back to this record when I need a pick­ me­ up or a bit of inspiration – ­ Wade

The Strokes | ​Is This It

If you’re in an indie rock group, old enough to remember 2001, and you don’t name this record as one of the main reasons you’ve dedicated yourself to being a musician, you’re lying. It was more than a record, it was a movement. The growl, the wildly tight rhythm section, the aggressive guitar interplay all shrouded in pop sensibilities. This record hit when the world was obsessed with Limp Bizkit, Korn, and N*SNYC. The first time I heard it, I thought my friend was crazy. I was definitely a late bloomer with this one, but this record slowly crept up on me until I was completely overcome with obsession. It was about the time I started teaching myself guitar ­ I learned every riff I could from this record. I wrote ripoff songs that, I wanted to be the Strokes. You either loved the band or loathed them, and I definitely dove in headfirst –  ­ Wade

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