Gold Jacks – Take It Back (Single Review)

Author: Jake McGloin

Manchester’s Gold Jacks unveil their effortlessly cool new single ‘Take It Back’, a master class in modern Rock & Roll.

Gold Jacks Promo-Photo-4

We live in a strange time for Rock & Roll, rappers seem to be the new rock stars (or at least that’s what they seem to think) and it’s difficult to find new rock acts that really excite, when you get down to it there’s an argument to be had that it’s all gotten a bit shit.

Manchester four piece Gold Jacks have somehow done the impossible, a sleek powerful outing that excites from beginning to end. There’s something inherently cool about this band and their latest single ‘Take It Back’ is a prime example of why we need an act like this.

Guitar tones, the feel like a Josh Homme jamming with Jack White, slide through a tight, cold rhythm section that set the whole tone for this seductive piece of Alt Rock. The chilled vocals of Stu Burns, that seems to bring to mind a Northerner in California, slick across a ground of dirty riffs and solid beats.

It’s a laid back track that seeps cool from all over and wouldn’t be out-of-place as a Bond theme, with Sam Smith and Ellie Goulding number one choice for Spectre surely 007 needs something a little more Rock & Roll? How ever you look at it there’s no doubt there are some acts out there still trying to breathe life into the U.K. Alt-Rock scene, and it’s clear Gold Jacks are one and with tracks like this they have half a chance.

‘Take It Back’ is released on Scruff of the Neck on August 7th