5 Albums That Shaped Me – Lois


Madrid’s Own Lois Talk Us Through The Albums That Shaped His Roots and Helped Create His Lo-fi Pop sound. The New Project From The Trajano Guitarist/Vocalist Is Draped In Retro Roots And Captivating Licks:


Talking Heads – Remain in Light:

I’m a big fan of Talking Heads. It’s probably the strangest thing I’ve heard in my life and it works so damn right that fills my body with envy and admiration. I don’t hear this album quite often but every time I do I can’t stop finding new things or getting amazed by the thousand of little weird things happening at the same time. It’s my very favorite album. And also the very favorite album of some really good friends. Once in a while someone mentions it and we can spend hours talking about it, we’re not the funnest guys in the world… But you know, we’re musicians.
Mac Demarco – 2:
When I was in college a friend told me that he had discovered this weird rock singer that sounded like 80’s, jazz and Eric Clapton all together. So I had to hear it. To be fair this friend recommended me the EP but for some reason I wasn’t able to find it online so I heard the LP. Instant love. Also was the key to discover Homeshake, which has made my top album of the year, Midnight Snack…
Jamiroquai – Travelling without Moving: 
The first album I bought, I can’t remember exactly how old I was. But what I do remember is that my grandfather gave me and my cousin some money and for some reason we stopped at a record store. We barely had money to buy an album and even less to buy a new one. So we went to the cheap cds and in the middle of boring spanish folklore there was two Jamiroquai albums. We didn’t know at the time what it was but it looked so much cooler than anything else in the store, so we bought it. I Still have the same feeling that when I heard it for the first time. Spend a lifetime had change my perception of music.
The Police – Regatta de Blanc:
My father used to buy albums by mail. A lot of albums. Fucking tons of albums. Too many albums for a healthy person. Later on lost interest and started to give them away in birthdays and christmas to my cousins, we are a very big family. And by now there is almost no CDs in my parents home.
Coming back to the story, this company once in a while send some free compilations to their best costumers. So they sent a lot of shit tapes to my home. And in the middle of that filth there was Sting and his friends. I would really love to say that changed the way I think about percussion but I don’t think it’s true. It probably affected to the way I make bass lines.
Later I discovered Zenyatta Mondatta (what a cool names for albums, isn´t?) and I finally surrendered to Police.
The Strokes – Is this It:
I don’t think that I’ve never got really interested in making music without listen Is this It. I learnt to play almost every song of this album, poorly I have to say. Spend hours in train stations, waiting for girls, travelling or lying on the beach listen to this wonder. And most of all make me want to start a band so bad that ruined my life (I’m joking, but more or less is accurate).
It changed the life of all my old friends, because I left them. I realised how lame they were and went to find new friends, friends that love this album as much as I do. haha