5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (16/11/15)

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Feed The Kid – Coming Back For You

Manchester’s feed the kid release ‘Coming Back For You’, it’s slick, cool and littered with nods to glam rock. A retro sound that feels more current than ever the single is a powerhouse from start to finish with it’s pumping bass, strong beats and audacious riffs. Melody heavy through out it’s a stunning three minuet wonder.


Orlando Seale and The Swell – ‘Wrestling’


Orlando Seal always finds away to pull at your emotions and new single Wrestling is no different, with a feel that’s reminiscent of the National with a strange smattering of Editors. A thumping beat and an encapsulating hook, Wrestling invites us to view into the collapse of Seale’s personal life and share the heartbreak.


Natalie Evens – Under The Moon

In a dreamy mix of intricate picking and electronica, Under The Mood blends two things and make’s it beautiful. Her distinctive vocal style and ability to create beautiful grooves seem to have tapped into a hidden emotion of melancholy joy. It’s a song that stuns in it’s simplicity.




The Altered Hours – Way Of Sorrow

Stunning post punk, that races to a driven rhythm section over a quietly powerful duel vocal. The Irish band bust at the seems with emotion and power, Way of Sorrow is a no different psychedelic and mind capturing it one of the most exciting sounds to be put out for some time.

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Radiation City – Juicy

Full to the brim with exciting electronic pop happiness, Juicy is the latest outing from Portland Indie outfit Radiation City. A chilled groove doused in chirpy melodies, it’s a sleek, cool sound that’s irresistible to the ears.