5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (14/12/15)

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Delta Palms – Who Cares?

One man lo-fi fuzz rocker Delta Palms latest tune, ‘Who Cares?’, takes a more grungy turn in this 90’s inspired work. It’s chugging guitars and a shoegaze riff along with a pop grunge vocal melody, but it’s as current as ever.


Hey Bulldog – Under My Spell

Fast, Hard and Loud. The new ‘Hey Bulldog single is pure garage rock from a band that keep moving forward every time you look. Punchy and exciting, ‘Under My Spell’ is built on a solid foundation of tough drums and solid rhythm, throw in the memorising  guitar riffs and howling backing vox, topped off with topped with a vocal melody that can’t fail and you might just be onto something.



Healyum – Fools Eyes

Grabbing comparicents to the likes of Lorde and London Grammar isn’t surprising given Healyum’s wavy electronic sound, but the fact the band are fronted by a 15 year old, Jeanà Healy, makes it all the more impressive. Jeanà, joined by sister Katie and brother Jed, along with friends Nathanael Degning and Pip Benjamin, have released the video for their track Fools Eyes. It’s an intense working of electronic pop as intricate as it is hypnotising.





Weekender – Loving/Hating

Philadelphia hottest new export, chill rockers  ‘Weekender’, set upon us the second single for their up coming EP. ‘Loving/Hating’ boasts full powered drums and the addition of synth giving a mesmerising psychedelic rock sound.


SHIELDS – Face to Face

Sheilds slick sounds are getting us excited as the unveil ‘Face to Face’ from their up coming album ‘How Can We Fix This?’, due in February. The beautifully precise track combines layers of intricately planned instrumentals topped by perfect harmonies.