5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (25/01/16)

Here are five awesome tracks you need to check out this week! You can send your tracks, suggestions or complaints to Shopliftersuni@gmail.com. (We try to listen to everything and give everyone feed back so hang tight)



Dance Savage – Do You Feel It?

A different vibe than last years ‘The Place I Started From’, the latest track from Mancunian songwriter Dance Savage unleashes a more electronic feeling sound in 2016 with killers beats and smooth synth as ‘Do You Feel It?’ brings a smoother sleeker Dance Savage.




The Teenage – Backwards

Brooklyn rockers The Teenage unleash the punk-pop ‘Backwards’, somewhere between The Vaccines and The Ramones with post-punk guitars chiming over the top it’s a highly addictive pop tune that brings doo-wop undertones to the table.




My Cruel Goro – Lost E

Italy-Iceland trio My Cruel Goro unveil their brand new single ‘Lost E‘. Fast paced, big guitar garage rock that packs a massive punch. Somewhere between ‘Four Kicks’ and ‘Rock & Roll Queen’ it’s a high power, punk feel head banger with thrashing drums and tearing riffs.



The Pooches – Heart Attack

Hailing from Glasgow, The Pooches create a unique subtle yet stunning brand of indie pop. New single ‘Heart Attack’ it’s a quirky pop classic based on beautifully flooring guitars, and enchanting lyrics to a heavenly melody, it’s a soul touching tune from a band I can’t wait to hear more from.


Lou E – What Do You Do It For?

The 18 year old South-Londoner’s debut single is pure magic. A thumbs up for one of the best bass lines of 2016 already, along with his chugging guitar, as Lou E calls out those gap year students with a new found sense of fake ass spirituality, we all know one, on a very promising debut.