Inhaler – Live at Leeds Beckett SU, 21/02/20

Over the past few years, Inhaler have been popping up everywhere, from appearing on big and small festival line ups to supporting Noel Gallagher at Heaton Park last summer, they really have put themselves out there and evidently made an impact.

Their rise has been very quick, I went down to catch them on their Leeds date at Beckett University, which is a hard room to fill, but they filled it.

From the outset the crowd were crazy, the anticipation before they came onto the stage was huge, they’ve really built up a loyal fan-base. They leapt onto stage met with a huge cheer from the crowd, instantly ripping into their first tune “When I’m with you” serenading the room with what sounded like a sea of guitars, they had arrived and everyone knew it.

When young bands are building their fan-base, you would expect their personality to come out at their shows, in a bid to connect with their audience. Weirdly, I didn’t get that from Inhaler, they did their talking with the music, which don’t get me wrong isn’t a bad thing, but maybe they could put themselves out there on stage a bit more, fans like to see their favorite band come out of their cage in real life.

Personality aside, this band have something special. Their set was incredibly tight, with every note polished to perfection, they may as well own that venue because they sure played like they do.

Without having a huge back catalogue they played through a perfectly balanced set, with all of their singles being played while slipping in new tunes along the way, it gave us a taste of what is to come from what I presume will be an album sooner than we think.

I’m really excited to see what this band do next, their tunes are very daring, and well written, however, although they sounded brilliant, I would love to see more of a show from Inhaler, I have no doubt that they will be huge in the years to come, so it would be great for them to take their live show to the next level.

Their UK tour has now ended but you can catch them at plenty of Festivals over the summer. So if they’re featured on a line up that you’ll be going too, make sure you get down to see them.

By Jimmy Ingham

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