Preview – IDLES Joe Talbot in Conversation with Alan McGee at Square Arts Chapel, Halifax

It’s no secret that IDLES are one of the most refreshing, charismatic and talented bands in the country right now, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you could take a quick look inside the mind of their innovate lead singer? Well, you can… on 1st March at Square Arts Chapel in Halifax!

As part of an extensive “In conversation” UK tour, IDLES star Joe Talbot has been visiting small music venues up and down the country answering questions, telling stories and giving fans an inside look on what it’s like being a part of the country’s most exciting band.

Joe has been joined by various hosts asking the questions on everyone’s minds throughout the run of dates and Halifax are incredibly lucky as Alan Mcgee will be in that position on 1st March, which to be honest is a double whammy.

IDLE’s have been on such a jounrey over the past few years, from supporting Foo Fighters to playing a mammoth set a Glastonbury Festival, so if you’re a fan of the band or of music in general you need to get yourself there.

The evening will feature live music from STONE (formally The Boho’s signed to Alan McGee‘s Creation management).

By some miracle, tickets are still available, but they won’t be for long so head over to the link below to grab yours –

Sun 01 Mar, 7:30pm at Red Brick Auditorium

Tickets: £20 (Ticket price includes a £1 Theatre Support Fee)

By Jimmy Ingham

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