SLYRYDES – I Claim To Be Intelligent (Single Review)

The lastest track from Galway band , Slyrydes, packs a real punch. ‘I Claim To Be Intelligent’ is a high energy, fast paced tour de force and a perfect example of why Irish rock is taking over.

Galway City band Slyrydes

Last year Slyrydes dropped their first single, ‘Mental Health’, a “frank take on Irelands shambolic health service”, since then they’ve released three more singles with another on the way, all recorded with Fontaines D.C. producer Daniel Doherty. And perhaps that’s why it’s so easy to draw a comparison to the band who are front and centre of this Irish rock revolution, they both have something to say and both do it with loud guitars and pure passion. But Slyrydes manage to dance to beat of their own drum, crash and kick peddle included, they have their own voice and it’s one that shouts about things that matter while riding a typhoon of noise that engulfs the listeners. Their fifth single, ‘I Claim to Be Intelligent‘ builds it’s self up with nonchalant vocals and and a minimalistic rhythm section lead by a thumping tom beat before the song erupts into a riot of noise, energy and aggression. This track is a pure joy and perfect for anyone into Fontaines D.C. or Parquet Courts. Check out the video for ‘I Claim To Be Intelligent‘ bellow:

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