Cottons – Disregard the Times

If you’re looking for a new band then look no further than Cottons, because with only two tunes released they give off the perfect first impression. Their most recent release ‘Disregard the Times’ is a certified banger and fires them into the runnings to being one of the most exciting Manchester bands on the scene at the moment.

I feel like this song hits a lot of key points when you’re looking for a great song, it’s got a hook, great vocal delivery, a constant groove and the production is seamless.

The lyrics are pretty explicit in this song, but they fit with the story behind the tune well as well as adding some contrasting aggression over top of the smooth guitar lines. The groove really gets you moving, with the rhythm being extremely tight together it’s hard to stop listening as you’re completely locked with what you’re listening too.

Charlie’s vocals come across really subtle yet hard hitting at the same time, you can really feel the passion in his voice as it glides over the rest of the band effortlessly. Their first release ‘Bitter’ was really simple in the way that it communicated to it’s listeners but ‘Disregard the Times’ really draws you in and doesn’t let you go, which shows a lot of progression for a band in the space of just one release.

Whether you’re looking for something to sit alone in your room with headphones on or sit outside sipping a cold one in the sun with your mates then this song is perfect for you. Cottons are really turning on the taps when it comes to their songs and it shows, this only makes you excited for what they’re planning to do next!

By Jimmy Ingham

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