VALA – Only One

It’s no secret that VALA are one of our favourite Manchester Artists and with their new single “Only One’ that statement is only becoming clearer.

With the bright sunny weather there’s nothing better than having the perfect soundtrack to accompany your summer day drinking needs and VALA are providing that. If you’ve seen them live over the past few years you’ll know that this one is a crowd favourite, it always gets everyone’s feet and heads moving.

This tune is obnoxiously cheery, and that is 100% a good thing, especially in the times we are currently living in. The bright guitar line and bopping bass line consistently compliment each other throughout the song giving you the perfect summer feel.

I feel that this is by far Joe’s best vocal performance of all their releases, although this isn’t a very challenging song to sing, the emotion and tone to his voice really comes out whens he’s belting out these lyrics, it’s likes he’s literally pushing you to sing the lyrics back to him.

Apart from the weather, it hasn’t begun to feel like summer yet, but I can promise you, as soon as you get this in your speaker it’ll help you on your way to having a great summer soundtrack.

Although we do not know what’s in store for many artists in the future I can guarantee that these guys will hit the ground running soon with more tunes to sink your teeth into.

By Jimmy Ingham

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