King No-One – Roll of the Dice

It’s very rare you come across an underground artist that releases banger after banger but I can safely say that King No-One fall into this category with ease. Their new tune ‘Roll of the Dice’ is their second single since they released the EP ‘OOMM’ and they haven’t slowed down one bit when it comes to releasing great songs.

I feel like King No-One have really mastered the art of creating an awesome introduction as ‘Roll of the Dice’ really hits you in the ear drums from the get go. Kicking off with an acapella section showcasing Zach Lount’s mesmerising vocals before ripping into a hard hitting groove that really gets your feet moving.

In recent years King No-one have introduced synth based hooks to their music on top of their classic form of infectious vocals melodies. This song is no different, although it is expected, the motif played on the synth really catches you off guard and locks you into the music even more than you thought you were.

In most songs simplicity is key, and that is only the case if executed perfectly. What King No One do well is use tight simple beats behind their music to really emphasise what is going on in their guitar lines. Guitarist joe and Drummer James really work well together on this song, ensuring that everything they play is complimenting each-other and it comes off perfectly.

Live shows are a huge part of a bands uprising and if you’ve ever been to a King No-One show you’ll know what kind of energy they manage to trap into a room when they play. ‘Roll of the Dice’ seems like a perfect song to counter act some of their more fast-paced songs without taking anything away from their set, you can just imagine the limbs being thrown around when they tear into this song for the first time.

King No-One have been in and around the Northern music scene for some time now and they aren’t taking their foot off the gas, they release so many songs that are at such a high level it feels like it’s only a matter of time before they really take off.

By Jimmy Ingham

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