Wisches – Before I Say Goodbye

It’s always hard when you’re a new artist, you face many challenges once you decide to start to release your music and present your talents to the world. One of the main hurdles I’ve found is simply writing and releasing a killer debut tune, it’s a lot harder than some make it look. One individual who is hitting all of the right spots is brand-spanking new Indie R&B Artist from Leeds named Wisches, who has just released their first single ‘Before I say Goodbye’.

Delving straight into the song, as soon as it hits your ears you can’t help but be overcome by the artist’s emotion, it’s as if they have poured a little bit of their soul into every lyric, which is washed away by the melancholy yet beautiful guitar lines than sit underneath. While channeling the same calibre of vocal energy as the likes of Paulo Nutini and Thom Yorke, Wisches manages to bat away any low level stereotypes that may be thrown a new artists way. They do this by simply emitting a great vocal performance from the outset and maintaining a constant relationship with their vocal melody, tone and impeccably written lyrics.

The real talent behind this song is the fact that you can’t pin point the exact genre, which allows listeners to make up their own mind, and base their opinion on the level of musicianship that this song includes.

When the tune first comes kicks off we are hit with a steady chord sequence with the introduction of several delicately played guitar licks that roll of the speakers really nicely. We aren’t waiting long until we are hit with a pounding beat that really takes the song up to the next level. Mixing these types of sounds rarely work when done an amateur level yet this risk has paid off for Wisches, with them creating an absolute feast for the ears meaning you couldn’t get bored of listening to this song if you tried.

Another hurdle you sometimes face when releasing new music is getting the song up to an industry standard in order to maximise your appeal. Again, this is something that Wisches has managed to do effortlessly as this tune would not seem out of place on a Radio One or Absolute Radio playlist, which is also kudos to his credited producer Tim Drucker, going to show that you can create amazing music from your bedroom and on a budget.

Following a new artist’s journey is always a great experience as you are able to watch an artist grow, whether that be through their songwriting skills, in their live performances or how they conduct themselves throughout the process. It’s going to be amazing to see what this artist has up their sleeve next as they have set the bar extremely high with their debut single.

If you’re looking for a new tune to get stuck into then I highly suggest ‘Before I Say Goodbye’ and I promise you, your ears will not be disappointed.

By Jimmy Ingham

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