Second Hand Poet – 5 Albums That Shaped Me

With his new record on the way, Surrey based singer songwriter Second Hand Poet talks us through 5 albums that have influenced himself and his work so far.

‘An Avenue of Honest News’ is the new album from Jamie Tipson aka Second Hand Poet. Drawing influence from from the likes of Phoebe Bridgers, Elliott Smith and Keaton Henson on this record, Jamie definitely hasn’t suffered second album syndrome as a fine blend of folk, grunge and lo-fi elements converge on this tender but powerful record. Below he talks us thought the albums that influenced him through out his life.

Nirvana – Greatest Hits

Yes I know this is a greatest hits record, but I originally didn’t know this as a young bean. I just thought the album absolutely ripped, and I must have thought the last couple of live tracks were bonus tracks ha… I loved this record, I used to plonk it in my CD walkman every night and fall asleep to it with a big smile on my face. I also think I went through three copies of the thing. Big ballsy instruments sends me to sleep obviously, still to this day. I started learning guitar to ‘Come As You Are’ so I guess this is the album that sent me on my own little musical path.

Reuben – Racecar Is Racecar Backwards

I absolutely adore Reuben, and this album is just perfect from start to finish, it’s such a beautiful English Rock album. Big, hooky, screamy and melodic, that then gets slapped with huge catchy tracks like ‘Freddy Krueger’ and ‘Let’s Stop Hanging Out’, I mean what’s not to bloody like? I guess it’s the complete opposite to my Second Hand Poet records, but it definitely inspired me musically and lyrically. Gosh, talking about Reuben gets me in the feels, they are one of those bands that you don’t just like, you love, you cherish..they belong to you. I named my son (now 9 years old) Reuben. You get the gist.

Jacob Golden – Revenge Songs

The next three albums I’ll talk about are the ones that made me need to write music, I’ll start with ‘Revenge Songs’ This was released like 12/13 years ago I think, and what an incredible record. Perfectly written so utterly underrated, a beautiful collection of vibey folk tracks that should have made this man a cult hero. I remember being about 17 or so 18, trekking down to London on my own to go watch him at The Troubadour venue in Earls Court, everyone was sat on the floor. Super intimate, my favourite sort of show, sat there thinking “That’s it, this is what I want to do”.

Elliott Smith – Either/Or

There’s albums and artists that just hit you in that special spot, that spot where you’re just comfortable watching or listening to something, a sort of audio fragrance that reminds you of someone. Elliott’s songs do that to me, and this record is just start to finish perfection. The sound of the drums, the perfect double tracked vocals almost give his vocals a chorus effect. His songwriting just feels so effortless, always. The instrumentals are so familiar, its like they were written just for you.  I wish he was still around. If you haven’t listened to this record before, well just go listen to it. You’re welcome. 

Keaton Henson – Dear

There’s not many debut’s that are as good as ‘Dear’ and you can definitely tell he’s been inspired by the work of Smith also on this record. Gosh, the sound of this album is sooo intimate. He’s in your room.

It’s a breakup album, it’s gloomy and beautiful and as delicate as porcelain. It definitely inspired some of my songwriting over my two albums, he’s one of those all round artists that you get engrossed in. I want to share a bottle of wine and a cigarette with him, and talk about art, just saying, if you’re reading Keaton…

‘An Avenue Of Honest News’ is out now.

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