Ed The Dog – Shame (Album Review)

Former Fish Tank front man Ed Wetenhall is, now ‘Ed The Dog’, has already earned some pretty high praise from the likes of Spring Kings and it’s no wonder why with his debut solo album blending big riffs and great song writing .


ed the dog press


There are some chances in life you can afford to take and some that seem just a little two risky, quitting your job, tucking yourself away in an attic and writing an album of guitar heavy, rifftastic tunes might seem a little much for some of us, but it’s safe to say, after his work fronting alt rock band Fish Tank, Ed knew what he was doing. His debut solo outing is packed with infectious poppy anthems riddled on vocal and guitar hooks that I can’t escape. I think it’d be a safe guess that Ed has a pretty eclectic music taste as this album zig zags in style through out but is very certain of it’s direction, taking everything that was good about the late 00’s indie pop movement and all thats better about the current skate rock revival.


Tracks like ‘Yes Men’ and latest single ‘Shame’ are perfect example of the big guitar pop anthems that make this such a stunning album, while the moods of ‘Little Brother’ and ‘Weirdo Years’ bring something different to the table whilst still drive the record  forward. As well as being a great album packed with great songs through out, Ed The Dog’s debut ‘Shame’ is pure fun from start to finish.


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